About Me

 I began riding barrel horses at a very young age. I widened my interests to western and english pleasure in my early teens, and in college I added reining, roping and cutting to my resume. I’ve been extremely successful in the WSCA, PHBA, and AQHA show rings, as well as many other associations. Horses have always been my passion and so I chose to make them my profession.

Believing that education is an essential ingredient for any horse trainer, I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Horsemanship from the University of Montana –Western. I studied the methods of many legendary horsemen such as Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman and the Dorrances. I was also a student and apprentice of master horseman Jeff Griffith. I’ve had a great deal of success applying their method of horsemanship which uses the horses natural way of moving, thinking, and learning to get optimum performance while maintaining a sensitive and willing relationship between horse and rider.

In addition, my degree included education in equine nutrition, genetics, anatomy and physiology as well as psychotherapy and behavior.

My long time experience as an equine veterinary technician also lends itself to my quality approach to caring and training horses.

*Combining a positive training method with scientific knowledge and working experience has been a winning combination for me.

My goal is to help people create amazing successful “partnerships” with their horses. Whether your goal is to make it to the highest level of competition, starting a colt, finishing an older horse, or simply want a safe recreational mount, I am here to help you accomplish your goals using a better, more connected approach to horse training.
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